Signed in as:

Theatrical: Irresponsible (2019)

Directed/Edited by a beautiful lady filmmaker Tiffany Kim Stevens and Written by multi-talented Tanay Chhedha. Tanay plays the lead role of Rohit Raichand in this short film that explores the relationship between a mother and son during young adulthood, when both generations must navigate Self vs Other.

Trivia: See if you remember which role Tanay played in the  Oscar winning Slum-dog Millionaire  when he was 10yrs old:)

Commercial: "DSTV" ~ 11 million YOUTUBE views

For my role of Shanthi the Indian bride, I paid tribute to my beautiful Aunt Shanthi who gave me these intricately embroidered saris when she realized she wouldn't be able to wear them again. My first audience was my Grandma seated just beside the Director, studying the monitor as we filmed. She was so happy that her granddaughter was playing her daughter! Aunty Shanthi, Grandma & Aya have all left too soon ... but I know they are still here in spirit. "Shanthi" means Peace in Sanskrit.

Prod Credits: Agency, Ogilvy 

Commercial: "Global Leadership Network"

Just released by incredible Producer Justin Bell! 

For my role as the nurturing Teacher, I channelled my Mother and Brother, and the Educators I admired as a child.  

Look out for Krishna and Vedanten ... two generations apart, in character and on purpose!  

What is God's purpose for your life? 

It is said that we know Who We Really Are before age 7 - then Life causes us to FORGET!

 Prod Credits: 

@oxcreates Production Company: Ox Creative

@jbellprods Producer: Justin Bell

@corrygw Director: Corry Wiens 

Another Viral Commercial: "CELL C"

"Broken Telephone" was fun to film with these adorable children!

Prod Credits: Agency, Network BBDO

On-Camera HOST & CONTENT DIRECTOR: PBS Multi-faith Talk-show

Trevor Noah was one of our inspiring guests on Spirit Sundae, a live Talk-show that I was blessed to co-host on Sunday mornings. A privilege to welcome dynamic personalities, faith- leaders and community heroes to discourse around a breakfast table to learn and grow together.

This series was my "satsang" & meditation for five years, on a reciprocal journey with viewers across the continent to affirm that "we are more alike than we are different", building bridges across faith, race, culture and class divides.  And "Yes, Trevor was as authentic then, as he is now on The Daily Show!" 

Television Drama: Diversity & Inclusion with Music & Drama

A highlight for my character Gita, this episode made history being the first time an Indian cultural tradition was featured in a television drama - and certainly the first Bhajan to be sung ;) Grateful to Endemol SA for supporting our “cultural activism” sharing our Indian heritage. 

Much respect to my incredible artist friends Ashish Joshi on Tabla and Premal Bhana on Sitar. Even if it was only ONE opportunity, it takes just that one spark to light another candle in the dark. We represented our lived reality as South Africans of Indian heritage - and that's a small step to fulfilling our Dharma ;)

Director Reel: Standing Up Against Child Exploitation

"There Can Be No Keener Revelation of a Society's Soul than the way it treats its children" ~ Nelson Mandela

There are many visionaries whose untiring work the world does not know as well as the work of Madiba. 

Advocate Iyavar Chetty is one of those tireless visionaries protecting children... honored to have such a wise father figure in my activist journey 

Director Reel: Visionaries In Action Documentary Series

An Angel of mercy who became a Grandmother to hundreds of young and elderly in her community ... using  her pension  and her love to keep her doors open ... and orphaned children safe. 

This is one of almost 100 documentaries of Visionaries In Action that I had the honor of filming, capturing how democracy is built by unsung heroes of diverse faiths and cultures, uniting to put their spirit into action  ;)  Like Mama Dorah, they dream of serving until until they die. Rest in peace Mama Dorah - "Umuntu Ngamuntu Ngabantu!"  (translated "I Am Because You Are!") Your smile and your love will be ever alive in my soul and all those in whom your light continues to shine!