• ”We are all spiritual beings having a Human experience... will we remember to remind each other of Who We Really Are?"

    A Lifetime of Activism


    I am heartened by the collective energies building up from our global activism as women and child protectors over these decades, that have created the tipping point: "#METOO Movement" & "Time's Up Movement".  

    In this new era of "the industry", I know my voice and my effort over a lifetime, will be seen in its true context as an artist activist - for when life has the opportunity to imitate art, the possibilities of "a wonderful life" are endless!

    On-Camera, Audio and Behind the lens


    We have the power to use media for a greater good - this is an unparalleled opportunity for raising consciousness reaching millions within seconds. How will we use this moment in time? 

    I welcome collaborations for on-screen Directing/Writing/Acting/Voice work that gives expression to these and other themes of deeper self-enquiry and appreciation of our similarities being greater than our differences across culture, ethnicity and socio-economic divides.

    Current Projects


    Drama: "Irresponsible",  short film directed by Tiffany Kim Stevens and written by Tanay Chhedha has just been selected for the "48 Awards" screening line-up at the Director's Guild of America Hollywood.  


    Animation: Looking forward to the release of "Ponni", a CGI production significant for being set in India and voiced in Tamil. 


    Voice: Find my voice profile on Deyan Audio, the world's leading audiobook production house.

    Request Director/On-Camera Reels or say Hello;)