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”If it's true... that we are all Spiritual beings having a Human experience... 

then how will we remind each other of Who We Really Are?"

We're either part of the Problem... or part of the Solution


We have the power to use media in profound ways to shape the world we live in. This is an unparalleled opportunity to raise consciousness reaching millions within seconds. How will we use this moment in time? 

I am inspired to create work that gives expression to  self-enquiry and appreciation of our similarities being greater than our differences across culture, ethnicity and socio-economic divides.

As media makers we can be Change-makers.... On-screen, Behind the lens and Off-screen


Activists have been trying for decades ... 

Some have died trying. 

I am heartened by the collective energies building up from our global activism as women and child protectors over these decades, that have created the tipping point:

 #METOO Movement & #Time's Up Movement. 


In Production ... On Circuit...


This image is from "Missing",  a short piece I wrote and directed exploring child protection in our communities. 

Drama: "Irresponsible" (2019),  short film directed by Tiffany Kim Stevens and written by Tanay Chhedha, well received at the Director's Guild of America Hollywood "48 Awards" screening and at Regal Cinema LA Live, at the Hollywood Reel Festival.  

Animation: Looking forward to the release of "Ponni", a CGI production significant for being set in India and voiced in Tamil.